Christmas ain’t like it used to be
and I’m pretty happy about that

It’s that wonderful time of the year when old fogeys wax nostalgic about Christmases Past and how great they were compared to the hectic, grasping, consumer-driven nihilistic modern version delivered upon our poor offspring.

So why should I be any different, being a Certified Old Fogey and all?

Because the rose-coloured-glasses selected recall is all a bunch of hooey and flapdoodle, that’s why. Continue reading

The sensitive new-age grinch who saved Christmas. (ME!)

For such a happy event, poor old Christmas has been taking it on the chin lately.

Some government departments have banned decorations for fear of offending those who may worship tinsel and whose commandments forbid any depiction of their sparkly divinity.

The same people who brought us the Occupy movement are calling for a boycott of Christmas shopping, although the rationale seems a little skewed considering their claims that 99 percent of us are too broke to buy presents anyway. Continue reading

A Politically-Correct Christmas
99.77% free of anything to offend

(with apologies to Clement Clarke Moore)

‘Twas the night before a non-sectarian societal celebration…When all through my solar-heated, smoke-free condominium…

Not a creature was stirring…not even the mouse rescued from a beauty products test laboratory Continue reading