Was the sex real, or Memorex?
Tony nearly died finding out …

As we enter the New Year, let’s take a minute to bid adieu to a rare specimen, within that fraternity mainly populated by those of a more maternal persuasion, who almost made it to 2012 after amazingly surviving the world’s first recorded and amplified sexual assault back in 1969.

Some of you of our certain age (more like uncertain) likely scanned over the local death notices a few weeks back and probably missed, one Antonio (Tony) Italiansoundingname.

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Christmas ain’t like it used to be
and I’m pretty happy about that

It’s that wonderful time of the year when old fogeys wax nostalgic about Christmases Past and how great they were compared to the hectic, grasping, consumer-driven nihilistic modern version delivered upon our poor offspring.

So why should I be any different, being a Certified Old Fogey and all?

Because the rose-coloured-glasses selected recall is all a bunch of hooey and flapdoodle, that’s why. Continue reading