Views on the news
that I’m too lazy to chop for Twitter

My old craft, journalism, has sunk to new lows and I figure it’s time to abandon my 45-year-old battle for neutral reporting of the facts in favour of wallowing in the mire like everyone else.

That leads to a new feature designed to kick-start a campaign to bring more frequent changes in content to the web site by offering a regular twist on the news. (I’m the expert on being regularly twisted.)

Let’s leave any introductions at that and just launch into it.

Newt abandons adultery for more satisfying screwing of a hapless media Continue reading

Grits ponder U.S. primary system,
send Bob Rae to test the waters

Canada’s fringe party, the federal Liberals, are having a big policy convention in Ottawa over the next few days and it promises to be a pretty sombre affair (imagine all 3,000 remaining Grits in the entire country faced with paying for their own booze for the first time in a century.)

I am genuinely intrigued by one proposal to have them select their next leader through a U.S.-style primary system. Continue reading