Shoot the messenger

Editor’s note: Gord has gone off on another mad road trip, the car crammed with beer, smokes, guitars and amps, to inflict himself on unsuspecting and long-suffering relatives and friends all over eastern Canada. To ensure readers don’t miss their regular Thursday morning fix, he has left behind a stash of classics—ancient re-runs that are actually brand new because they were never published back in the day (for good reason) and have not been updated.

Shoot the messenger

By Gord Lovelace (from May 2006)

Ottawa full of clap!
Aw, poop—now we’re in trouble.
The press reports this week new stats showing that, while the number of people smoking has dropped in Ottawa, syphilis rates are way up. Continue reading

Butt-hating mayor pondering cover-up to use Puffer voters to ban everything

I spotted my old buddy, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, at a ribbon-cutting ceremony the other day to mark the opening of a new ribbon and scissors factory and rushed right over to shake his hand.

After checking my proffered digits for tobacco stains, Jimbo gingerly grasped my mitt and sighed, awaiting the inevitable blindside sucker punch that is just one of the fundamentals of a relationship that goes back almost 30 years. Continue reading